David Norcott

Technical Manager, Geoarchaeology & Environmental

1283 David Norcott

David joined Wessex Archaeology in 1999 and leads the Geoarchaeology & Environmental team. He has worked extensively throughout southern England and Wales as both a field archaeologist and geoarchaeologist, and specialises in designing geoarchaeological solutions to meet specific site requirements. He has a particular interest in the Late Pleistocene, Early Holocene and Beaker periods, the alluvial deposits of the Severn Estuary, and the geoarchaeology of the Winchester area.
David has played a key role in many projects, including leading the large-scale geoarchaeological deposit modelling and palaeoenvironmental assessment and analysis works at the Olympic Park site prior to the London 2012 games. Current projects include the geoarchaeological evaluation of eleven foreshore sites along the route of the proposed Thames Tideway Tunnel.
David continues to develop and refine methodologies to effectively investigate deep alluvial sequences which are inaccessible to normal archaeological methods.
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