Written Schemes of Investigation (WSI)

Following an Environmental Impact Assessment, curators may require a variety of means of investigation be carried out within a site to understand and protect heritage prior to the commencement of development. This can vary from excavation or geophysical survey to diving investigation or geotechnical sampling. A WSI outlines known and potential archaeological features and deposits and proposes a structure for exploring them using the latest, most appropriate and cost-effective archaeological techniques. 
This document is crucial for the planning stages of any archaeological project and helps to determine and clarify exactly what work is needed on a site. This will be agreed by the client and by the national curator prior to the start of archaeological investigation ensuring that your development receives the archaeological support necessary for gaining planning approval and discharging any conditions set. Wessex Archaeology is experienced in drafting WSI’s for a wide range of projects guaranteeing a proportionate and appropriate approach to archaeological mitigation, encompassing all of our academic and commercial knowledge.