Project Florence - About


Local people were encouraged to get involved in Project Florence through a variety of different opportunities, events and activities. These included:
  • Site activity days – people were invited onto site at Barrow Clump for tours, workshops and a public open day. These events provided exclusive access to this restricted area of the Salisbury Plain Training Area, enabling families to learn about their local heritage. 
  • Volunteer programme – volunteers were recruited to conduct the post-excavation processing of artefacts from Barrow Clump. Specialist training was provided and the volunteer sessions proved very popular. Find out about current volunteering opportunities.
  • Make a Movie project – a group of young people were trained to produce a film about Operation Nightingale and the Barrow Clump excavation. Find out more and watch the movie here
  • The Big Draw – the national Big Draw festival provided an opportunity to use archaeology to inspire creativity. Local residents and students were invited to design squares of material based on the Barrow Clump excavation, which were combined to form a Saxon-themed tapestry. 
  • Playing with the Past archaeology club – Playing with the Past was a free archaeology club for 8–12 year olds organised in association with the Army Welfare Service. The club gave budding young archaeologists the chance to learn about their local heritage and take part in hands-on activities and games. 
  • Road show exhibition – a portable road show exhibition was designed to showcase the Operation Nightingale project and the discoveries from Barrow Clump. Over 500 people were spoken to during the 10 days of the road show, which visited a range of community venues including museums, libraries and community centres. View this exhibition here
  • Lectures – talks and lectures were given to interested groups and societies. To find out how to book a lecture about any of our sites for your society click here
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