Specialist Reports

The assessment reports, which include site plans, and specialist finds and environmental reports, which include methodologies and data tables, are available by clicking the links below.  
An account of the results will be published in volume 119 (for 2015) of the Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire.
Full details of the fieldwork and the post-excavation analysis are contained in the site archive which has been deposited with the Nottingham City Museum and Art Gallery (accession code NCMG2013-9). Project information has also been deposited with the Archaeology Data Service (OASIS identifier 186768). 
A453-Site7-Assessment.pdf1.54 MB
A453-Site7-Pottery.pdf474.68 KB
A453-Site7-Animal bone.pdf418.7 KB
A453-Site7-Charred plant remains.pdf436.95 KB
A453-Site28-Assessment.pdf1.11 MB
A453-Site28-Pottery.pdf275.72 KB
A453-Site28-Human bone.pdf174.02 KB
A453-Site28-Animal bone.pdf189.44 KB
A453-Site28-Charred plant remains.pdf191.86 KB
A453-Site28-Other finds.pdf162.75 KB
A453-Radiocarbon dating.pdf259.72 KB
A453-Pottery archive table.pdf452.6 KB