The work on the HMS Caroline CMP followed a methodology based on James Semple Kerr’s The Conservation Plan and the National Historic Ships Conserving Historic Vessels.
The basic plan for the CMP followed a set out structure: 
  • Establish a timeline of the asset, including the design and construction;
    service during and after the First and Second World War.
  • Description and condition of survival of the asset, including overall condition,
    fabric analysis and analysis of spaces of the vessel, dockyard and Pump House.
  • Establish personal and community association of the asset. 
  • Comprehensively summarise relevant legislative status, policies and guidance 
  • Create a statement of significance for the asset
  • Determine issues and policies for the asset
  • Create an Action Plan for the asset to be completed within an agreed period of time
3230 At the Alexandria Dry Dock prior to repairs and refurbishment