Project Aims and Objectives

The aim of the ‘Celts and Romans in North Wiltshire’ project is to explore and conserve the Iron Age and Roman Heritage of North Wiltshire through community collaboration in the investigations at Truckle Hill and Chiseldon. The project will improve the understanding of what the area was like, what traces of this heritage are left and how they should be preserved for the future.
The project will work towards these goals by:
  • Working closely with existing volunteers, local interest groups, and new volunteers, including them in every stage of the project. These participants will receive training in a variety of archaeological investigative techniques, and will work towards producing archaeological data of sufficient quality to inform the future designation of both the Truckle Hill and Chiseldon sites.
  • Bringing the site to the attention of a wide range of people by providing a variety of informal and formal learning opportunities. These opportunities will include: school visits, talks, open days, tours, displays, leaflets, web pages, blogs, a Google Earth trail, and geocaching resources.
  • Acting as a conduit for cultural exchange for the volunteers, local interest groups, and other participants of the project. Opportunities for participants in the project to come together will be provided so that participants from different communities within North Wiltshire can share their interpretations and experiences of this heritage with one another.