Charles Street, Dorchester

222 Charles Street, Dorchester

The foundations of Dorchester contain the story of its history. Generation after generation has built new buildings fit for their time. But eventually most buildings fall down or are demolished. Traces of them survive only as archaeology.
At Charles Street a new library and council offices are to be built. Studies made before planning permission showed that remains of the Roman town survive on the site. In order to preserve as much of possible of this chapter in Dorchester’s history developers and planners have worked together.
In the past all of a development site was excavated. Today the new buildings will be built on piles that will only disturb small areas. Only an area needed for drainage needs excavating. Archaeologists will keep a careful watch over all the building works.

223 Durnovaria, and the Charles Street excavations

This plan means that as much archaeology as possible will be preserved but there is still the chance to learn more about the story of Dorchester.
As the excavation area will be very deep it is not safe for the public to visit.