Week One: 13 July 2011

Charles Street lies near to the southern edge of the Roman town. The row of trees along South Walks marks the line of the Roman town walls. The Roman public baths, which were imposing buildings, stood not far away.

224 View of revealed gullies related to Roman buildings

The first results from the excavation show that houses stood on the site in Roman times. As well as the stone foundations of the walls of the rectangular buildings, traces of some of the floors have already been found.

One room has an opus signinum floor. This flooring was popular in Roman times and was made of small stones and pieces of tile set in clay. Other finds include pieces of painted wall plaster, coins and pottery.

227 Painted wall plaster

The burial of baby has also been found. Although most Romans were buried in large cemeteries outside the town, infants were buried within the settlement.

225 Roman burial of an infant

After experts have looked at the finds, public talks will be given and a report will be written. The finds will be given to the County Museum in High West Street.

226 Roman Samian fine pottery