Week Four: 4th August 2011

This week the excavations are drawing to a close. The floors and foundations of the Roman town house have been removed. Beneath them are layers of rubble which were used as a level surface to build on. Under this there are a few traces of activity from earlier in Roman times.

245 Archaeologists excavating down to Roman times

The finds tell us about the daily lives of the people who lived in the house. Oysters were popular in Roman times and many shells have been found. Other things were brought from the coast. They include part of a delicate bracelet made of Kimmeridge shale, and an amphora for transporting olive oil from Spain.

246 Bracelet fragment from Kimmeridge shale. The shale may have been brought to Dorchester to be worked.

A collection of gaming counters gives a hint of some of the games played almost 2000 years ago.

247 Gaming counters made from chalk and pottery

248 Roman spoon made from bone