Dorset Hoards

Bronze Age hoards containing the type of axe found in the Purbeck hoard have been found from Cornwall to Norfolk, but most have been found in Wessex, in Wiltshire, Hampshire, and, especially, Dorset. Here, six hoards containing ‘Linear facetted axes’ are now known.
Other types of axes that might not have been use as working tools were also buried in hoards at this time, either British types known as ‘Sompting’, after a hoard discovered in Sussex, or ‘Armorican’ because they may have been imported to Britain from north-west France.
Most of these hoards contain less than five axes, though a few contain more than 30-40. Only very occasionally does the total exceed 100.
With hundreds of axes; over 300, and maybe many more, the Dorset site is remarkable. Not only are there more of axes than from any other site of this date, but it is also unique in having four separate hoards buried close by.