Vale Farm Granary

Project Background

The Victorian GranaryThe Victorian GranaryVale Farm is located close to the village of Sutton Waldron, in the rolling countryside of the Blackmore Vale. The village and its parish lie 5 miles south of Shaftesbury just to the west of the A350, between Blandford Forum and Shaftesbury.

One of the staddlesOne of the staddlesThe Conservation Management section of Wessex Archaeology was commissioned to prepare a proposal to save a historic building at Vale Farm, Sutton Waldron. The building is a timber framed, Victorian staddle granary. It sits on large carved stones that resemble mushrooms. The stones are known as staddles. These supported the building above ground level and were shaped to prevent rats entering and eating the stored grain.

A scheme was devised to convert the granary into a holiday cottage that will compliment others on the farm. Like many other farmers, the owners have diversified by converting several redundant 19th century cattle buildings into holiday accommodation. The granary could not be re-used in its original position. Work entailed a feasability survey for the re-use of the building, designs for the conversion and assistance in gaining planning permission.

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