Lifting the granary in 2005

In November 2005 the lifting and moving of the timber granary finally took place. This involved carefully inserting steel beams under the building, between the staddle stones to form a lifting frame.

The whole structure was then slowly lifted using the steel frame and a large mobile crane. Once in the air the building was gently manoeuvred onto a trailer.

It was then driven the short distance to its new location. The crane was used a second time to place it delicately and precisely onto its new staddle stones. Despite high winds and pouring rain the lift was completed successfully.

Now its conversion, under the guidance of the Conservation Management section, can begin. We hope it will still be standing in another 150 years.

The initial liftingThe initial lifting
Manoeuvring the granary onto the trailerManoeuvring the granary onto the trailer
Moving the granaryMoving the granary 

Placing the granary on its new staddle stonesPlacing the granary on its new staddle stones



A final inspectionA final inspection