Fulston Manor

Archaeologists evaluate the siteArchaeologists evaluate the site
Wessex Archaeology excavated a site at Fulston Manor, Sittingbourne before David Wilson Homes Ltd developed the land for housing.
The site lay within the boundaries of the ancient Forest of Blean which was cleared when the manor of Fulston was created in the 13th century.

Most of the archaeological remains proved to be of medieval date, the pottery falling between the mid-11th and the 14th century.
The following web pages summarize the results but you can find detailed information in Wessex Archaeology Report 24 : Kentish Sites and Sites of Kent: a miscellany of four archaeological excavations by P. Andrews, K. Egging Dunwoody, C. Ellis, A. Hutchesson, C. Phillpotts, A. Powell & Joërn Schuster.