The Pottery

The pottery from the site, like the layers in the larger oven, implies three main phases of use.
Excavating a medieval potExcavating a medieval potPhase 1
11th – early 13th century
Many jar fragments were found. The shape and style of the jar rims suggest they were made between the late 12th and early 13th century. They are typical of jars found widely across north-west Kent.
Phase 2
Early 13th – mid 14th century
Fine ware jugs and a wider range of basic kitchen wares such as jars and bowls were found. These are characteristic of the Tyler Hill pottery industry from Canterbury, only 15 miles to the east. The development of the Tyler Hill industry is well documented, and there are good parallels for the jar and jug forms seen at Fulston Manor amongst other vessels from this 13th/14th century industry.
Phase 3
Later 14th – mid 16th century
Only a few sherds of pottery were found from this period. Like the two earlier phases they came from vessels produced locally, probably part of the later Tyler Hill industry.