Aims and Objectives

The main aim of project SAMPHIRE is to assess the potential contribution of community engagement as a means of accurately identifying, recording and protecting previously unknown maritime heritage. 
The main objectives are:
The promotion of stewardship of marine historic assets by the local community. Project SAMPHIRE achieved this objective by working with the individuals who have identified archaeological sites and volunteers in the subsequent investigations including recording and reporting. This connected approach fostered a sense of ownership and pride in the local environment, ultimately promoting the preservation of coastal and marine cultural heritage.
Enhancement of the maritime archaeological baseline off the west coast of Scotland. Project SAMPHIRE achieved this objective through direct public engagement for the identification of currently unknown coastal and marine sites and subsequently through investigation of those sites using appropriate techniques. The verified data updates and enhances the local Historic Environment Record (HER) and national historic records (in the case of Scotland the RCAHMS national database), to provide accessible data for the public and curators.