Stage 1 & 2



Deploying geophysical equipmentDeploying geophysical equipment

Stage 1 involved the review of existing geophysical and geotechnical data that was collected for Hanson Aggregates Marine Limited over the last decade. This review aided our understanding of the geology of the area and helped to place the results of detailed investigation (Stage 2) in their wider context. During this stage a total of 420 line km of geophysical data and 109 vibrocore logs were assessed and interpreted.
The second stage of the project involved the acquisition and processing of geophysical data of the 3 x 1 km area where the handaxes were recovered. The aim of the survey was to acquire a more detailed dataset and to assess the different sub-bottom profiler seismic sources for targeting aggregate deposits. The acquisition of the new dataset also established the condition of the area since dredging had ceased and to assess changes in surface and sub-surface sediments compared to the previously acquired 2005 dataset.