The Project Method

Between 2008 and 2011 a number of investigations were undertaken following two main strands of research. The geology context of Area 240 was studied which included a detailed re-examination of geophysical and geotechnical data from industrial surveys, intensive geophysical survey of the area from which the artefacts and faunal remains were dredged, coring to obtain samples of the sedimentary sequence within Area 240 and accompanying palaeoenvironmental assessment and analysis and the scientific dating of 12 samples. The second strand of investigation involved sampling the seabed for archaeology, animal remains and palaeoenvironmental material using existing techniques. The sampling exercise was conducted to assess the suitability for seabed sampling methods in order to observe this material, and their spatial distributions. 
Monitoring equipment on board the survey vesselMonitoring equipment on board the survey vessel
The results of each stage of the project are available from the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) ALSF archive.