Unknown Steamer (WA 1002)

After the geophysical survey of WA 1002, the site was targeted for survey by ROV. The wreck is an unidentified steamer, thought to have sunk during the First World War. Use the menu above to find out more about this wreck. To see what we found on the wreck site click on the red letters or related orange parts in the plan.
The interpretations of Wreck WA1002 from the geophysical and ROV surveys were broadly in agreement with the dimensions of the wreck and the damage to the hull, identified from the geophysics data, were confirmed by the ROV survey. The lack of detail seen in the sidescan sonar data due to the wreck lying on its side could not be compensated for during the ROV survey as conditions prevented the ROV operating on the NW side of the wreck.

Ship Plan