Fittings and Machinery

Anchor flukeAnchor flukeEven though the hull is almost intact, only a few fittings could be observed and recorded on site WA 1002 due to the dense cover of marine growth and the very low visibility.
At the bow, a Hall’s patent stockless anchor was observed secured in the hawsehole. One of the anchor flukes was measured with the ISS scaling camera as being 48cm long and 24cm wide. The distance between the flukes is 42cm.
Anchor ChainAnchor ChainOn the now vertical foredeck, an anchor windlass is still secured to the deck. It is heavily concreted but a 6cm wide spur wheel and the 7cm wide brake could be seen. Chain runs from the windlass towards the hawsers. An individual chain link was measured as being 23cm long and 6cm wide.
BollardsBollardsA 5cm wide iron fitting with a block was attached to the side of the foredeck. This could have been part of the rigging or a davit.
Further aft towards midships, two fairleads were observed. Both have an overall length of 65cm and are 22cm wide. The first is situated just aft of the foredeck. The second fairlead is located just aft of midships. It is associated with a set of bollards which measure 32cm across.