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The wreck is lying on its starboard side with its bow facing SW. The vessel is about 63m long but as the stern area seems to be damaged it could have been longer.
The beam is c. 8-10m and the depth in hold c. 5-6m. The ship does not seem to have broken up. Outlying debris is visible only in an area just off the stern in the NE.
No superstructure is preserved, but the upper deck structure seems intact and a number of deck fittings were observed. The upper deck is vertical and facing NW. At least two cargo hatches are visible. The hull appears to be fairly intact with the exception of a large area of damage on the port side 20m from the stern. Here a 6m x 6m hole was seen in the side of the vessel.
In addition to the possible damage to the stern, the metal at the edge of the hole in the hull is bent inwards, suggesting an impact from the outside.
Due to strong currents and low visibility it was not possible to explore the seabed on the NW side of the shipwreck. The intact upper deck prevented access to the inside of the vessel, so it was not possible to see any internal machinery, cargo, or ballast.