U-86 (site WA 1003)

After the geophysical survey of WA 1003 the site was targeted for ROV survey. This site, previously listed as unknown, proved to be the wreck of a First World War German U-boat. During the survey it was identified as U-86. Click on red text for photographs of wreck.
The sidescan sonar data for Wreck WA1003 showed a significant amount of detail was present on the wreck. It was not possible to accurately identify what these features were and so the wreck was identified as a large metal hulled vessel. The soundings from the multibeam data identified just one main upstanding feature which was tentatively identified as being the bridge. The ROV survey showed that the geophysics interpretation was incorrect and that the site was a submarine. Using this information it is possible to re-examine the sidescan sonar data and identify many of the features which are now known to be present such as the coning tower and deck gun.

Sub Plan