Site Layout

The general site layout can be seen on our clickable site plan.
The vessel is lying on even keel with a slight list to port on the fairly flat seabed in a NNW-SSE orientation. The bow is in the SSE.
The 2005 multibeam survey gives dimensions of 58m x 5m x 3m for the wreck. Dimensions taken off the sidescan data suggest a length of 66m, a breadth of 6.5m and a height off the seabed of 3.5m for the wreck itself.
The outer hull of the vessel has largely disappeared, but the internal pressure hull is fairly intact. The bow and stern are heavily damaged and broken up from the bow bulkhead forward and the stern bulkhead aft. The bow has collapsed and is lying partly buried in line with the vessel. The stern section has broken off and is lying at a 90 degree angle to the main hull, pointing westwards.
Apart from the features associated with the damaged bow and stern sections, outlying debris noted around the site consisted mainly of pressure cylinders that have fallen off the pressure hull. A large seabed scour was noted on the eastern side of the wreck.