2km x 2km Area Survey

Side Scan Survey MosaicSide Scan Survey MosaicThe 2km x 2km survey area was south of the Hastings Shingle Bank off the Sussex coast in the English Channel. It was chosen because it was thought to contain the wreck of the Thomas Lawrence and it is adjacent to a dredging area. The Thomas Lawrence was an 18th Century Danish schooner which is thought to have been lost in 1862 and was discovered by divers in 1983.
The aim of surveys was to address objectives 1-4 by testing variations in standard survey methodologies. These variations included; line spacing, range setting, and the height of the magnetometer towfish above the seafloor.
The conclusions show how area surveys undertaken by the aggregate industry can best produce data that are suitable the location and identification of ephemeral wreck sites within potential aggregate licence areas using archaeological techniques.