Dorset Coast Historic Environment Survey

The Dorset Coast Historic Environment Survey grew out of the work of the Archaeology Group (AG) of the Dorset Coastal Forum (DCF). The AG realised that little was known about the condition of historic buildings and archaeological sites along much of Dorset’s coast and how vulnerable they were to changes to the coastline. A proposal for a Historic Environment Survey for Dorset was put forward to English Heritage. The primary aim of the survey is to increase our knowledge of Dorset's coastal built and archaeological heritage, and hence facilitate its better management and greater enjoyment by local people and visitors.
Wessex Archaeology began work in September 2003 concentrating on a survey area agreed with DCC and English Heritage. The area extends for a kilometre inland from the coast and offshore as far as the six mile fishing limit.

Wessex Archaeology has also been commissioned to draft a Dorset Coast Historic Environment Research Framework. This consultation document is available to download as an Adobe PDF.
A short leaflet outlining the work of the Dorset Coast Historic Environment Survey is also available to download (Adobe PDF).
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