Beach ViewBeach View Wessex Archaeology’s work on the Dorset Coast Historic Environment Survey is an integral part of the Dorset Coast Strategy (Adobe PDF). The strategy’s foremost concern is the long-term conservation of the Dorset coast’s geological, wildlife, landscape and archaeological resources.
Russel A1Russel A1 The objectives of the Dorset Coast Historic Environment Survey include enhancing Dorset County Council’s Historic Environment Record by adding information about both new and known sites.
 Wessex Archaeology was also asked to create an overview of how Dorset’s coast has changed from prehistoric times through to the present familiar coastline. The model can be used to identify new areas with archaeological potential offshore. It can also be used to identify parts of Dorset’s coast where archaeology may be at risk from coastal change.
To help fill in the gaps in our knowledge about the historic environment of the Dorset Coast, a local research framework, called the Dorset Coast Historic Environment Research Framework, has been developed. The research framework identifies periods, topics and themes for future study to answer questions about Dorset's past.