Does the ship have any treasure on board?

A published account of salvage on a site in the general vicinity in 1846 notes the recovery of guns of ancient date, stone shot, ingots of lead, iron and tin. A silk doublet was also recovered and identified as Elizabethan in 1847. The account implies that various items had been recovered over the years, and it is likely that much that might have been valuable would have recovered at time of loss.
The true ‘treasure’ onboard this wreck is the information about how our ancestors built ships, sailed the seas, and opened up new trade routes.
The ship’s timbers are already beginning to give new insights into how vessels of this era where built and maintained.
In the 16th century, anonymous master craftsmen were responsible for most shipbuilding, and they rarely wrote down the methods they used. Hence, the discovery of a shipwreck of this period is an important find.