Area D1

2742 Farm building with stone foundations

Area D1 lay 2 km south of Area C, to the west of the M5 and south of Brookfield Road in Churchdown (OS National Grid reference 389400, 219500). This area also contained evidence of activity in the Iron Age and Romano-British periods.

The earliest feature was a curved ditch – probably part of a 10 m diameter roundhouse – which was dated to the Early to Middle Iron Age by pottery and may have been broadly contemporary with the enclosure in Area C.
Area D1 was settled again in the 1st century AD, initially with a ditched enclosure which was replaced in the 2nd century by a farm building constructed on stone foundations.
After the abandonment of the building, the final phase of activity, in the 3rd/4th century, comprised field ditches with no structural evidence for occupation. Limited pottery finds provided the dating evidence.