Lydiard Park


Lydiard Park, just south west of Swindon, is owned by Swindon Borough Council. With the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund and the support of RWE Innogy, the park has been restored to some of its eighteenth century glory. During summer 2004 Wessex Archaeology undertook the essential investigation work needed to ensure that the restoration is authentic.
But this was no ordinary excavation. A key part of the project was the involvement of the local community and over 200 local residents took part in digging the eighteenth century features in the park.
The archaeology is of great interest to many of the visitors, walkers and families who regularly visit this lovely park, and the archaeology events were very well attended. 
The excavations were primarily concerned with features of the park known to have been present in the eighteenth century, like the walled garden and the dam wall, but other areas were also investigated. Find out more about the archaeology by clicking on the menu to the right.
Download the pdf below to view the exhibition, or to find out more about the house visit the official Lydiard Park website.
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