Publication list - 2012

Dunbridge - Journal - WA Ref: 69592
Phil Harding,  David Bridgland, Peter Allen, Philippa Bradley, Michael J. Grant, David Peat, Jean-Luc Schwenninger, Rebecca Scott, Rob Westaway, and Tom White, 2012 Chronology of the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic in NW Europe: developer-funded investigations at Dunbridge, Hampshire, southern England, Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association 123 (4), 584-607
Countesthorpe - Journal - WA Ref: 75390
Richard O'Neill 2012 Middle Bronze Age cremation burials at Countesthorpe, Leicetershire, Trans Leicestershire Archaeol. and Hist. Soc. 86, 38-48
The Deanery - Journal - WA Ref: 62123
Vaughan Birbeck 2012 Middle Saxon Settlement at the Deanery, Chapel Road, Southampton, Hampshire Studies, 67 (2), 287-316
Vulcan Iron Works - Journal - WA Ref: 73613
Neil Dransfield and Chris Moore 2012 The Vulcan Iron Works, Langley Mill, Derbyshire Archaeological Journal 132, 156-176
Toddington - Journal - WA Ref: 61801
Michael Dinwiddy 2012 A multi-period site at Eden Park (former Toddington Nurseries), Littlehampton, West Sussex, Sussex Archaeological Collections 150, 47-69
A46 - Popular book - WA Ref: 71213
Phil Andrews and Phil Harding 2012 Following the Fosse Way through Nottinghamshire. Archaeology and the A46, Cotswold Wessex Archaeology
Olympic Park - Journal - WA Ref: 74500
Michael J Grant and Chris J Stevens2012 Illuminating the hidden secrets of the London Olympic Park: significance of the environmental archaeology investigations, Association for Environmental Archaeology 118, 18-23
Olympic Park - Popular book - WA Ref: 74500
Andrew B. Powell 2012 Renewing the Past. Unearthing the history of the Olympic Park site, Wessex Archaeology and the Olympic Delivery Authority
Olympic Park - Monograph - WA Ref: 74500
Andrew B. Powell 2012 By River, Fields and Factories: The making of the Lower Lea Valley Archaeological and cultural heritage investigations on the site of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Wessex Archaeology Monograph 29, Wessex and the Olympic Delivery Authority
Down Farm Training excavation - Journal - WA Ref: 56394
Chris Ellis 2012 The Excavation of a Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age-Middle Iron Age Settlement at Home Field, Down Farm, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, Proc. Dorset Nat. Hist. Archaeol. Soc. 133, 77-97
London Gateway - Monograph - WA Ref: 72431
Antony Firth, Niall Callan, Graham Scott, Toby Gane and Stephanie Arnott, 2012 London Gateway Martime Archaeology in the Thames Estuary, Wessex Archaeology Mongogr. 30
Wilton, Wiltshire - Journal - WA Ref: 60517
Rob De'Athe, 2012 Early to middle Anglo-Saxon settlement, a lost medieval church rediscovered and an early post-medieval and an early post-medieval cemetery in Wilton, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, 106, 117-144
Aldbourne, Wiltshire - Journal - WA Ref: 65080
Nick Stoodley, Anthea Boylston and Jacqueline I. McKinley, 2012 An Early Anglo-Saxon cenetery at Aldbourne, Wiltshire, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, 106, 58-95
Dowds Farm, Hampshire - Journal - WA Ref: 62345
S E Clelland 2012 Prehistoric to post-medieval occupation at Dowd’s Farm, Hedge End, Hampshire, Hampshire Studies, 67 (1), 142-173 
Southampton Leper Hospital, Hampshire - Journal - WA Ref: 70900
A D Morton and Vaughan Birbeck 2012 Documentary and archaeological evidence of Southampton's leper hospital, Hampshire Studies, 67 (1), 209-217
3-4 South Place, Islington - Journal - WA Ref: 65993
Lorrain Higbee and Chris Ellis Late 15th-early 17th century tanning waste from 3-4 South Place Islington, 2012, WA web report
Milbrook Mews, Milborne Port - Journal - WA Ref: 68781
Jörn Schuster, Steve Thompson and Andrew B. Powell, 2012 Medieval and and post-medieval occupation at Millbrook Mews, Milborne Port,  Somerset Archaeology and Natural History 155, 55-66
Horton, Berkshire - Journal - WA Ref: 71808
A Barclay, G Chaffey and Andy Manning, 2012 A possible second Neolithic house and an unusual Mortlake bowl from Kingsmead Quarry, Horton, Berkshire, PAST 71, 1-2