Publication list - 2014

Prentice Place, Harlow - Journal - WA Ref: 73720
Sarah Mounce and Philippa Bradley 2014 A possible Roman tile kiln at Prentice Place, Carters Mead, Harlow, Essex Archaeology and History 5, 200−202
William King Flour Mill, Uxbridge - Journal - WA Ref: 76120
Michael J. Grant, Chris J. Stevens, Nicki J. Whitehouse, David Norcott, Richard I. Macphail, Catherine Langdon, Nigel Cameron, Catherine Barnett, Peter G. Langdon, John Crowder, Nicola Mulhall, Kevin Attree, Matt Leivers, Richard Greatorex and Chris Ellis 2014 A palaeoenvironmental context for Terminal Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic activity in the Colne Valley: offsite records contemporary with occupation at Three Ways Wharf, Uxbridge, Environmental Archaeology 19(2), 131–152
A46 - Monograph - WA Ref: 71312
Nicholas Cooke and Andrew Mudd 2014 A46 Nottinghamshire The Archaeology of the Newark to Widmerpool Improvement Scheme 2009, Cotwold Archaeology Monogr. 7, Wessex Archaeology Monogr. 34
Groom's Farm, Frithend - Journal - WA Ref: 59794
Nicholas Cooke and Andrew B. Powell 2014 Prehistoric settlement and a Romano-British pottery productions site at Groom's Farm, Frithend, Hampshire, Proc Hampshire Field Club Archaeol Soc 69,  84–186
The Depot, Holybourne - Journal - WA Ref: 63823
Andrew B. Powell 2014 The Romano-British small town at Neatham: excavation at the Depot site, London Road, Holybourne, 2008, Proc Hampshire Field Club Archaeol Soc 69, 49–81
Picket Twenty, Andover - Journal - WA Ref: 69392
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Dunbridge, Hampshire - Journal - WA Ref: 69592
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Hoyle Street, Sheffield - Occasional Paper - WA Ref: 87532
Andrew B. Powell Steelworks, Crucible Furnaces and Workers' Housing Archaeological Investigations at Hoyle Street, Sheffield, Wessex Archaeology 
Boscombe, Wiltshire - Journal - WA Ref: 66052
Alistair J. Barclay and Andrew B. Powell 2014 A newly discovered inhumation burial with an amber ‘necklace’ from Amesbury, Wiltshire, PAST 77, 5
Downton Road, Salisbury - Journal - WA Ref: 57811
Jacqueline I. McKinley and Andrew B. Powell 2014 A late 6th–7th century AD child burial off Downton Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 107, 249–251 
The Triangle site, Swindon - Journal - WA Ref: 75381
Sian Reynolds, Rachael Billson, Jacqueline I. McKinley, Lorraine Mepham and Chris J. Stevens 2014 Early Iron Age settlement and Late Iron Age burials at The Triangle Site, South Marston, Swindon, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 107, 41–49
Seabed prehistory (Area 240) - Journal - WA Ref: 70755
L. Tizzard, A. R. Bickett, J. Benjamin and D. de Loecker 2014 A Middle Palaeolithic Site in the southern North Sea: Investigating the archaeology and palaeogeography of Area 240, Journal of Quaternary Science DOI: 10.1002/jqs.2743 
London Gateway - Booklet - WA Ref: 88631
Toby Gane and Graham Scott 2014 Archaeology from the Sky The Air War over the Thames Estuary, Wessex Archaeology 
Den Brook, North Tawton - Journal - WA Ref: 86781
Naomi Brennan and Matt Leivers 2013 A probable Roman Road at Den Brook, North Tawton , Proc. Devon  Archaeol. Soc 71, 87–90
Thrapston Road, Spaldwick - Journal - WA Ref: 75070
Susan Clelland and Lorraine Mepham 2014 An Anglo-Saxon site at Thrapston Road, Spaldwick, Cambridgeshire, Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society CIII, 117–131
Kennetholme Farm. Midgham - Journal - WA Ref: 71094
Matt Leivers 2013 Kennetholme Farm, Midgham: A Note on some archaeological investigations, Berkshire Archaeological Journal 81, 111–113
Lower Farm, Greenham - Journal - WA Ref: 78760
Matt Leivers 2013 Lower Farm, Greenham: A Note on some archaeological investigations, Berkshire Archaeological Journal 81, 114–115
Newbury Racecourse - Journal - WA Ref: 70092
Andrew B. Powell 2013 A Late Bronze Age ditch and historic building foundations at Newbury Racecourse, Berkshire Archaeological Journal 81, 116–117
Wakefield Cathedral - Journal - WA Ref: 84980
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The Castles - Journal - WA Ref: 65303
Jacqueline I. McKinley 2014 'The Castles', West Shipley Farm, Hamsterley, County Durham, Durham Archaeological Journal 19, 105-6
Binchester, Roman fort - Journal - WA Ref: 65302
Vaughan Birbeck† 2014 A Time Team evaluation at Binchester Roman fort, County Durham, Durham Archaeological Journal 19, 22-32
Kingsgate, Wiltshire - Journal - WA Ref: 85683
Alistair J. Barclay and Andrew B. Powell 2014 A newly discovered inhumation burial with an amber 'necklace' from Amesbury, Wiltshire, PAST 77, 5 
Dating the Earliest Neolithic Ceramics - Journal - WA Ref: 73601
Alistair Barclay 2014 Re-dating the Coneybury Anomaly and its implications for understanding the earliest Neolithic pottery from southeast England, PAST 77, 11-13
Horton, Berkshire - Journal - WA Ref: 89661
Mathew Symonds 2014 Horton's Neolithic Houses Exploring a prehsitoric landscape at Kingsmead Quarry, Current Archaeology 292, 24-30
Solent-Thames - Monograph 
Gill Hey and Jill Hind (eds) 2014 Solent-Thames Research Framework for the Historic Environment, Resource Assessments and Research Agendas, Oxford Wessex Monogr. 
A46 - Journal - WA Ref: 71312
Michael Grant and Phil Harding 2014 Farndon Fields, Nottinghamshire: in situ multi-phased Late Upper Palaeolithic activity on the floodplain, PAST 76, 2-3
Wakefield Cathedral - Journal - WA Ref: 84980
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Truckle Hill - Journal - WA Ref: 74690
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Lodge House - Journal - WA Ref: 84172
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Wroxeter - Journal - WA Ref: 86452
Romans Around Wroxeter, Current Archaeology 289, 8
Corhampton - Journal - WA Ref: 56664
Susan E. Clelland, Sarah F. Wyles, Michael J. Grant, David Norcott, Lorraine Mepham and Jacqueline I. McKinley, Results of an archaeological watching brief on land adjacent to Warnford Road, Corhampton, Hampshire, Proc. Hampshire Field Club Archaeol. Soc. 68, 1-9
Barton Stacey - Journal - WA Ref: 62414
Rob De'Athe, 2012 Early Iron Age metalworking and Iorn Age/early Romano-British settlement evidence along the Barton Stacey to Lockerley gaas pipeline, Proc. Hampshire Field Club Archaeol. Soc. 68, 29-63