Publication list - 2015

Gover Farm, St Agnes - Journal - WA Ref: 101471
Oliver Good 2015 Romano-British settlement and enclosures at Gover Farm, St Agnes, Cornwall, 
Cornish Archaeology 54, 225−232 [publication date 2017] 
Theobalds Road, Wivelsfield - Journal - WA Ref: 64461
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Kew Bridge House, Brentford - Journal - WA Ref: 64940
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University Parks - Journal - WA Ref: 71081
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Kenfig - Journal - WA Ref: 89562
Naomi Brennan 2015 'Devoured with the sands': a Time Team evaluation at Kenfig, Archaeologia Cambrensis 164, 221–229
East Kent Access - Monograph - WA Ref:72796
Phil Andrews, Paul Booth, A P Fitzpatrick and Ken Welsh 2015 Digging at the Gateway: Archaeological landscapes of south Thanet. The Archaeology of East Kent Access (Phase II) Volume 1: The Sites and Volume 2: The Finds, Environmental and Dating Reports, OWA Monograph No. 8
Coston - Journal - WA Ref: 75113
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Groby - Journal - WA Ref: 74151
Naomi Brennan 2015 ‘Here was an ancient castle’: A Time Team evaluation at Groby Old Hall, Leicestershire, Trans Leicestershire Archaeol & Hist Soc 89, 153–163
Oakham Castle - Journal - WA Ref: 89563
Lorraine Mepham and Oliver Good 2015 Further investigations at Oakham Castle, Rutland: A Time Team evaluation, Trans Leicestershire Archaeol & Hist Soc 89, 165–178 
Submerged Prehistory - Journal - WA Ref: 102770
Andrew Bicket and Louise Tizzard 2015 A review of the submerged prehistory and palaeolandscapes of the British Isles, Proc Geologists' Association doi:10.1016/j.pgeola.2015.08.009 
Risehill - Journal - WA Ref: 89560
Naomi Brennan 2015 Working on the Railway: the Risehill Tunnel Navvy Camp, Industrial Archaeology Review 37(2), 99–110 [DOI:]
The Bourne, Twyford - Journal - WA Ref: 73302
Phil Andrews, Phil Harding and Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy 2015 A Late iron Age-early Romano-British field system and burial at The Bourne, Twyford, Winchester, Proc Hampshire Field Club Archaeol Soc 70, 201–203
Abbotts Barton (Francis Gardens) - Journal - WA Ref: 70251
Andrew B Powell 2015 Early–Middle Anglo-Saxon settlement beside the Winchester to Silchester Roman road at Abbotts Barton, Winchester, Proc Hampshire Field Club Archaeol Soc 70, 63–101
Charles Street, Dorchester - Journal - WA Ref: 78150
Andrew B Powell 2015 The development of properties inside the southern defences of Roman Durnovaria: an excavation at Charles Street, Dorchester, Proc Dorset Natural History & Archaeol Soc 136, 162–184
Langton Matravers - Journal - WA Ref: 67990
Benjamin W Roberts, Dorothee Boughton, Michael Dinwiddy, Nisha Doshi, Andrew P Fitzpatrick, Duncan Hook, Nigel Meeks, Aude Mongiatti, Ann Woodward and Peter J Woodward 2015 Collapsing commodities or lavish offerings? Understanding massive metalwork deposition at Langton Matravers, Dorset during the Bronze Age–Iron Age transition, Oxford Journal of Archaeology 34(4), 365–395
The Times of Their Lives (Cardiff University and Historic England) - Journal - WA Ref: 85380
Nenad Tasić, Miroslav Marić, Kristina Penezić, Dragana Filipović, Ksenija Borojević, Nicola Russell, Paula Reimer, Alistair Barclay, Alex Bayliss, Dušan Borić, Bisserka Gaydarska and Alasdair Whittle 2015 The end of the affair: formal chronological modelling for the top of the Neolithic tell of Vinča-Belo Brdo, Antiquity 89 (347), 1064–1082, doi:10.15184/aqy.2015.101
London Gateway Port - Journal - WA Ref: 72431
Graham Scott and Toby Gane 2015 Aviation archaeology offshore: the recovery of a rare Ju88 aircraft wreck during work for the new London Gateway Port, Journal of Conflict Archaeology 10(2), 75–95
Loups's Hill, Co. DurhamJournal - WA Ref: 85071
Kenneth Lymer 2015 Image processing and visualisation of rock art laser scans from Loups’s Hill, County Durham, Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage 2, 155–165
Kew Bridge House, Brentford - Website - WA Ref: 64940
Nicholas Cooke and Christopher Phillpotts† 2015 Excavations at Kew Bridge House, Kew Bridge Road, Brentford, 2007,
Barrow Clump - Journal - WA Ref: 85373
Richard Osgood and Phil Andrews 2015 Excavating Barrow Clump. Soldier archaeologists and warrior graves, Current Archaeology 306, 28–35
Cliffs End Farm - Journal - WA Ref: 56951
Pippa Bradley 2015 On sacred ground. Mass graves at migrants at Cliffs End Farm, Current Archaeology 306, 12–19
Stratford Box - Website - WA Ref: 57900
Hillary Valler and A D Crockett 2015 Waterside management from the Middle Bronze Age to present day. High Speed 1 investigations at Stratford, London Borough of Newham,
Stratford Box - Website - WA Ref: 57900
Catherine Barnett, Rob Scaife and Chris J. Stevens 2015 Lateglacial to holocene alluviation and landscape development. High Speed 1 investigations at Stratford, London Borough of Newham,
Hopton - Journal - WA Ref: 71504
Naomi Brennan 2015 'Hopton Quarter': A Time Team evaluation at Hopton Castle, Shropshire, Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society 89, 37–44
East Hill, Dartford - Website - WA Ref: 62240
Mike Trevarthen 2015 Excavation of later prehistoric remains and a Roman cemetery at East Hill, Dartford, 2006,
Underdown Lane, Herne - Website - WA Ref: 56560
Julie Gardiner, Michael J. Allen, John SC Lewis, James Wright and Richard I Macphail 2015 A Long Blade site at Underdown Lane, Herne Bay, Kent and a model for habitat use in the British Early Postglacial,
Star Lane, Westwood - Website - WA Ref: 83640
Andrew B. Powell 2015 Baking and brewing in a medieval settlement at Star Lane, Westwood, Thanet,
Farningham–Hadlow gas pipeline - Website - WA Ref: 70304
Andrew B. Powell 2015 Archaeological discoveries along the Farningham–Hadlow gas pipeline, Kent, 
Farningham–Hadlow gas pipeline - Journal - WA Ref: 70304
Andrew B. Powell 2015 The archaeology of the Farningham–Hadlow gas pipeline, Archaeologia Cantiana 136, 221–6
Wrotham (Farningham–Hadlow gas pipeline) - Website - WA Ref: 70304
Nick Stoodley 2015 An Anglo-Saxon cemetery on Pilgrim's Way, near Wrotham, Kent,
Folkestone Cricket Club Ground - Journal - WA Ref: 77310 
Rob De'athe  2015 Late prehistoric enclosures at Folkestone Cricket Club ground, Archaeologia Cantiana 136 205–212
Herne Bay - Website - WA Ref: 60694
Matt Leivers and Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy 2015 Excavation of a multi-period site at Herne Bay, Kent,
Riverside Exchange, SheffieldOccasional Paper - WA Ref: 83810
Phil Andrews 2015 Riverside Exchange, Sheffield Investigations on the site of the Town Mill, Cutlers' Wheel, Marshall's Steelworks and the Naylor Vickers Works, Wessex Archaeology Occas Pap
Hoo Road, Wainscott - Website - WA Ref: 65073
Nicholas Cooke and Rachael Seager Smith 2015, Prehistoric and Romano–British activity and Saxon settlement at Hoo Road, Wainscott, Kent, 
Castle Hill, Salisbury - Journal 
Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy 2015 Human remains, 93–94, in ,  P. Saunders and D. Algar 2015, A Romano-British burial with anklet on Castle Hill, Salisbury, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 108, 89–96
Rowbarrow, Wiltshire - Journal - WA Ref: 57814
Andrew B. Powell 2015 Bronze Age and Early Iron Age burial grounds and later landscape development outside Little Woodbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 108, 44–78
Bourne Hill, Salisbury - Journal - WA Ref: 61002
Gareth Chaffey and Rebecca Fitzpatrick 2015 St. Edmunds College, Salisbury: New Evidence for medieval origins and post-medieval development at the Council House, Bourne Hill, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 108, 143–58
Cunetio, Wiltshire Journal - WA Ref: 71509
Rachael Seager Smith and Gail Wakeham 2015 Further investigation of the Roman small town of Cunetio: A Time Team evaluation, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 108, 79–88
Tilshead, Salisbury PlainJournal - WA Ref: 103290
Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy 2015 Romano-British activity on Salisbury Plain, near Tilshead, Wiltshire, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 108, 97–104
Seabed Prehistory Area 240 - Monograph - WA Ref:70757
Louise Tizzard, Andrew Bicket and Dimitri De Loecker 2015 Seabed Prehistory: Investigating the Palaeogeography and Early Middle Palaeolithic Archaeology in the Southern North Sea, Wessex Archaeology Monogr. 35
A3 Hindhead - Journal - WA Ref: 61768
Steve Thompson and Andrew Manning 2014 Late prehistoric settlement and post-medieval industrial activity on the route of the A3 Hindhead Improvement Scheme, Surrey Archaeological Collections 98, 1–27
Sutton Courtenay - Journal - WA Ref: 71505
Naomi Brennan, Helena Hamerow, Lorraine Higbee and Lorraine Mepham 2015 An Anglo-Saxon  Great Hall Complex at Sutton Courtenay/Drayton, Oxfordshire: A Royal Centre of Early Wessex?, Archaeological Journal,  
Drumbeg - Journal - WA Ref: 104700
John McCarthy, Philip Robertson and Ewen Mackay 2015 Discovery and survey of a 17th–18th century shipwreck near Drumbeg, NW Scotland: an initial report, International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 44 (1), 202–8
Cliffs End - Monograph - WA Ref: 56951
Jacqueline I. McKinley, Matt Leivers, Jörn Schuster, Peter Marshall, Alistair J. Barclay and Nick Stoodley 2014 Cliffs End Farm Isle of Thanet, Kent A Mortuary and Ritual Site of the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon Period, Wessex Archaeology Monograph No. 31
Clemments Park - Journal - WA Ref: 64562
Gareth Chaffey, Gail Wakeham, Matt Leivers and Philippa Bradley 2013 Bronze Age and Anglo-Saxon occupation at Clemments Park, Southend-On-Sea, Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History 4 40–58
West Thurrock - Journal - WA Ref: 65152
Kevin Ritchie 2013 Further Excavations at a Late Prehistoric and Roman Site at West Thurrock, Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History 4, 27–39
Osborne House, Chichester - Journal - WA Ref: 74441
Julia Sulikowska 2014 Romano-British activity and medieval clay extraction at Osborne House, Chichester, West Sussex, Sussex Archaeological Collections 152, 1–7