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By a Crystal Brook: early riverside settlement and a medieval chapel at Sutton Poyntz, Dorset

by Mick Rawlings
ISBN: 978-1-874350-42-2
This report describes the results of several stages of archaeological work resulting from plans to construct a new water treatment plant utilising the springhead of the River Jordan at Sutton Poyntz, a village at the foot of the chalk scarp near Weymouth, Dorset. Human activity in the area, since at least Mesolithic times, has focused on the river. Its post-medieval history revolved around its water mills. Evidence for an Early Iron Age settlement and Romano-British activity, including an infant burial were recorded, partly beneath a thick colluvial deposit. A rectangular, stone-founded building has been identified as a 13th-14th century chapel. probably belonging to the Poyntz family estate.
Paperback A4, 96pp, 40 b/w illustrations and halftones

Iron Age and Romano-British Settlements and Landscapes of Salisbury Plain

by M.G. Fulford, A.B. Powell, R. Entwistle and F. Raymond
December 2006: Report 20
ISBN: 978-1-874350-42-2
This volume presents the results of a series of fieldwalking surveys and excavations of Iron Age and Romano-British sites in two areas of the Salisbury Plain Training Area. Altogether some 18 new settlement sites were discovered of which 13 were Romano-British, three were predominantly Iron Age, and two produced evidence of Middle-Late Bronze Age occupation. Small-scale excavation was undertaken at eight enclosures and field systems, accompanied by targeted environmental sampling.An increase in enclosure through to the later Iron Age was revealed, when there was evidence for settlement abandonment followed by a further development of unenclosed settlement and the emergence of nucleated villages such as Chisenbury Warren in the Late Iron Age and through the Romano-British period.
Hardback A4, 248pp, 81 b/w illustrations and halftones