Example of Results - Year 1


Classification: TRAWLER (20TH CENTURY)
Site Name: Mafeking (possibly)
Coordinates: 170400, 858400 
Accuracy: 100 m
This site is one of several wreck locations near Chuaig Bay recorded through community engagement. During the diving phase of the SAMPHIRE project, Shieldaig-based dive charter operator Kenny Livingstone described wreckage in the intertidal part of a burn running out to Chuaig Bay. A walkover survey of the area was undertaken on 26 July 2013. The survey discovered numerous items of wreckage including an intact capstan, a donkey boiler and a possible parrel, spread over an area of approximately 100 m2. 
Top Right: The SAMPHIRE team recording a well-preserved capstan of early 20th century date found in the intertidal part of the burn at Chuaig Bay.
Above: A donkey boiler, lying close to the capstan, adjacent to the burn at Chuaig Bay. 
Although there are thought to be two confirmed wreck sites in the vicinity of Chuaig Bay some locals believe this may be the remains of the Mafeking. According to Robert Gordon, local resident and historian, the Mafeking was a vessel wrecked during salvage or rescue of the SS Sheila in 1924. No record of a vessel with the name Mafeking has been found in the RCAHMS of UKHO databases or in any published sources consulted during the desk-based research. The local informants stated that this may be due to the vessel being very small and it has been suggested that the Mafeking was a salvage barge or a tug.
Wreckage from the vessel is strewn over a wide area.