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In May 2011 the UK Government published its construction strategy, which aimed to reduce the CAPEX, OPEX and risk in public sector building projects by up to 20% by 2016. In order to achieve this it was mandated that by the 4th of April 2016 all centrally procured government projects would be working at BIM Level 2. This requires the use of 3D data, collaborative tools, clear documentation and strict contract control, all under a framework of industry standards. The hope was that this requirement would cause widespread adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) across the construction industry, leading to a more efficient, successful and stable industry. The clear benefits of BIM mean that it is now used by firms large and small throughout construction, whether working on public or private sector projects.


BIM is far more than the use of certain software or 3D modelling; it is a project, data and resource management process with a greater level of integration than any other such tool. Just as it can improve the construction aspects of a project, it can also improve the heritage aspects. The principles of BIM can be applied to both built heritage and infrastructure projects to gain these benefits.
Wessex Archaeology have been investing in developing work flows for the application of BIM in a heritage context for a number of years and can respond to your BIM requirements. Apart from the use of COBie files, which do not support heritage data, Wessex Archaeology is fully BIM Level 2 compliant, and our understanding of BIM has led to processes designed specifically to meet our client’s needs across a range of projects. One of the key elements of a successful project is early engagement of all contractors and BIM puts this at its heart. Contacting us at the early stages of your project will allow us to deliver the maximum benefit of BIM and improve project outcomes.
If you would like more information on some of the ways BIM can be utilised in a heritage context you can read our four part article series in BIM Today magazine issues 3-6.
If you would like to discuss your BIM requirements, or join us for a lunchtime CPD session on BIM and heritage, please get in touch with our Geomatics team.
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