GIS Consultancy, advice & training

Getting the right advice at the right time is very important when commissioning projects which involve Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Wessex Archaeology’s Geomatics team have considerable experience in all aspects of GIS and survey and can provide consultancy services and/or contracting services to meet most heritage geomatics needs. Our team have experience working in all areas of the heritage sector including for national bodies such as English Heritage and the Ordnance Survey, local authorities, charitable bodies, education establishments and commercial companies. We have close links with university departments specialising in heritage computing and work closely with hardware and software manufacturers to get the most out of available technologies for heritage purposes.
Where there is a need for GIS components within a project, we can advise on and/or provide the necessary skills and services as a fully costed block for insertion into a larger project. For example, this might be as part of a MoRPHE compliant Project Outline/Design for an English Heritage funded project, a grant submission for funding from one of the UK Research Councils (for Higher Education establishments) or a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) bid.
Training is a key element in the successful use of GIS, especially so for the use of GIS in heritage contexts. GIS is an expansive discipline in its own right and the key to successful heritage use is to have training in the specific aspects of it that are directly relevant to heritage rather than generic GIS training courses which may cover some aspects in far too much detail yet not cover other important aspects in enough detail if at all. Our trainers have taught the use of GIS for heritage use in a variety of contexts including the commercial archaeology sector, providing GIS teaching within university archaeology departments at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and also providing GIS training for archaeologists working in Cultural Heritage Management contexts particularly those within Local Planning Authorities.