A move to a new office

1988 was a busy year for WA, with the number of staff increasing as new work kept on being commissioned. Staff numbers were recorded as an average of 62 in the Treasurer's Annual Report for 1988/89. Whilst the continuing growth in work and staff was welcome, it also led to problems, particularly in terms of office space. The situation was becoming critical because, although additional space had been leased at Dunn's House since 1985, that building was about to be sold. So, in July 1988 WA moved to our current offices at Old Sarum Airfield (now Old Sarum Business Park), just outside Salisbury. Portway HousePortway HouseThe buildings were originally the Medical and Operations (flight rather than surgical) Blocks for the airfield and still held a few relics of their RAF use - a drugs cabinet and old newspaper cartoons stuck on a wall, for instance. Many staff pitched in to bring the offices up to scratch, with many painting and decorating their own offices.
The fieldwork for several of the large-scale projects of the late 1970s and early 1980s was finishing or had already done so. Post-excavation analysis for the Stonehenge Environs and South Dorset Ridgeway projects was in progress, setting both on the way to publication.
Although the Kennet Valley Survey had drawn to a close in 1987, it was decided that additional fieldwalking in this year and the next would be incorporated with the earlier results rather than published separately.
Post-excavation work is as important as the fieldwork. Without analysis and publication the archaeology is as good as buried still. Sites such as Greyhound Yard and Dorchester Southern Bypass were also moving towards publication, and WA was also writing up other people's unpublished sites, such as the Roman cemeteries at Poundbury (Dorchester).