An Annual Review was published in 1992, the first since 1981-2, the old Wessex Archaeological Committee days. The 1991 review gave a short overview of the state of British archaeology and of the work of WA in relation to it. Summaries of work done during 1991, in the field, in post-excavation analysis and in publishing, followed. Also included were summaries of several desk-based studies. These were a recent device which set out to assess the known archaeology of a proposed development area by searching through existing information, old maps and so on. They were to become increasingly common as a prelude to fieldwork.
Areas of work were gradually becoming more widespread, with field projects taking place in London, Kent, Shropshire, Derbyshire, and Yorkshire during the year. In West Sussex, the early part of the year saw excavation of several sites along the proposed route of the A27 Westhampnett Bypass. Amongst these was an important Late Iron Age site, where 161 cremation burials, funeral pyres, and the remains of at least two shrines were excavated. Closer to home, fieldwalking was carried out for one of the first of what would become many projects associated with proposed improvements to the A303 between Stonehenge and Winterbourne Stoke.
Other work in progress included research for a detailed survey of the Palaeolithic archaeology of England south of the River Thames. The work, commissioned by English Heritage, had started in 1991 and was to continue, as a broader survey, until 1997. The results were published in 1999 under The English Rivers Projects (TERPS) and are accessible via the Archaeology Data Service.