2003 saw changes at WA as Andrew Lawson stepped down as Chief Executive. Sue Davies, who had been with the original Wessex Archaeological Committee since its earliest days at the Blackmore Museum, replaced him.
An office in London, The Chandlery, on Westminster Bridge Road near Waterloo Station, was opened in March, and gave WA a presence in an area where more and more work was being done. There was more expansion at Old Sarum too, where two more buildings were leased to accommodate the ever-increasing numbers of staff and all that went with them. 
Projects during the year were as wide-ranging as ever. Locally, evaluation trenching and geophysical survey were done at the site of the proposed new Stonehenge Visitor Centre at Countess East, Amesbury. At Boscombe, not far from Stonehenge or from the grave of the Amesbury Archer, a grave containing seven Bronze Age burials was found during the excavation of a pipe trench. 
Slightly further afield, Autumn 2003 saw features found during a watching brief at a gravel extraction site at Kingsmead, Horton, Berkshire which resulted in a large-scale excavation that is still in progress today. 
Other projects included a major conservation statement for the "buildings, structures and spaces" at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Starting in January, the project took almost a year to complete, whilst 2003 also saw work commissioned overseas with a small scale conservation and management plan prepared for Sainte Apolline's Chapel on Guernsey.