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Revised Avebury Resource Assessment 2012

When first published in 2001, the Archaeological Research Agenda for the Avebury World Heritage Site, produced by the Avebury Archaeological & Historical Research Group (AAHRG, 2001) was a pioneering document, comprising the first formal research agenda for a World Heritage Site (WHS).
Much has changed over the course of the last decade, not withstanding the enlargement of the boundaries of the Avebury part of the WHS by 10% in 2008, and there is a clear need to update the research agenda to reflect not only current knowledge and research, but also the development of best practice in producing research frameworks learned from applying the process to other WHSs within the UK (e.g. Orkney, Stonehenge) as well as their regional counterparts (e.g. the South West, the Isles of Scilly, etc).
During a year of consultation the project team received feedback from colleagues and the wider public regarding the content of the texts which are now being revised. 
The final document will be available here in due course.