Archaeology is an excellent way to engage your community with their heritage and landscape, creating a sense of place that leads to greater community cohesion. We work with developers, heritage organisations, property managers, local government, charitable organisations, volunteer groups and special interest groups to help them build stronger relationships with the public.

With the right activities, materials and enthusiastic experts, we can help you put context around your projects and improve community and individual wellbeing.


The Community and Education Team

Wessex Archaeology are highly experienced in organising and supporting a broad range of community engagement activities. We attracted 800 members of the public to Sherford Community Open Day, a site open day in support of a large commercial development, but are equally at home with talks to societies and small charity groups, such as the Alzheimer’s Society Men’s Group.

We have materials in a range of formats created by our in-house specialists and Graphics Team. Our team will work with you to put together the package that best suits your needs.


Beth Harrison

Community Engagement Assistant

Beth Harrison

Phil Harding

Fieldwork Archaeologist

Phil Harding

Claire Mellett

Principal Marine Geoarchaeologist & STEM Ambassador

Claire Mellett

Natalia Bain

Archaeologist & STEM Ambassador

Natalia Bain

Holly Rodgers

Geoarchaeologist & STEM Ambassador

Holly Rodgers

Megan Metcalfe

Marine Geophysicist & STEM Ambassador

Megan Metcalfe

Grace Jones

Senior Post-Excavation Archaeologist & STEM Ambassador

Grace Jones

Sophie Clarke

Finds Technician & STEM Ambassador

Sophie Clarke

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Samuel Fieldhouse

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