At Wessex Archaeology, the health and wellbeing of our staff, clients and the communities we serve is of paramount importance.  

We have carried out a Covid-19 Risk Assessment and have put in place appropriate measures in line with Government and NHS advice to help us manage the transmission risk of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), to protect our staff, to keep our business operational, and to support our clients. We will continue to do business and try our best to maintain our level of service to customers. 

We have cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures in place across the business, and we have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2 metre distance for our staff in the workplace. 

Our office-based staff in the main are working remotely and those in the office are advised to follow official social distancing and hygiene advice. We have put measures in place to help support our staff as they work remotely, focusing on building resilience and maintaining wellbeing.  

We have issued our site teams with new guidance, with specific reference to social distancing and hygiene compliance, and this has been incorporated into our Dynamic Risk Assessment process. Our site teams have quickly adapted to this new way of working. 

The safety of our staff is our priority, and therefore we have reviewed each existing deployment against the new Risk Assessments on a site-by-site basis in collaboration with our staff and clients to determine where: 

  • appropriate measures are in place and staff are able to continue work as planned 
  • we need further measures in place to be able to continue 
  • due to staff safety and wellbeing, we are unable to continue to work 

We are confident  that we are now able to consider new deployments following our extant risk assessment basis to maintain effective social distancing and hygiene compliance. 

In line with Scottish Government advice all our sites in Scotland are currently closed and our Edinburgh office is closed. 

All our events remain cancelled, postponed or performed digitally. This includes our community engagement activity on behalf of clients, as well as our events hosted by Wessex Archaeology for the public. 

We will continue to review the situation; if you have any queries in the meantime, please contact us: / +44 1722 326867 

Updated 03/06/2020