Did you know that this week (7th-13th June) is Clothing Poverty Awareness Week? Organised by Sharewear Clothing Scheme, a charitable organisation which provides emergency clothing, shoes and bedding to people, the Awareness Week aims to increase understanding of the issue of clothing poverty. It explores topics such as how and why clothing poverty can affect everyone and how clothing poverty affects physical and mental health.

At Wessex Archaeology, we are committed to operating as sustainably as possible. We have a number of initiatives and partnerships with local organisations across the company to donate and reuse our PPE. Read on to find out more...

Wessex West (Bristol) - the Julian Trust

The Julian Trust was founded in 1986 as emergency night shelter providing a “first rung on the ladder out of homelessness”. We are proud to support the Trust, and have been running a collection service in its Bristol office for food items to donate to the Julian Trust for the last couple of years.

As well as food, the Trust also accepts donations of clothing and bedding. Wessex West, who are based in Bristol, have become known as the “work boot graveyard”, where abandoned but still useable boots from across the company are cleaned, re-waterproofed and donated to the Julian Trust.

Julian trust: boot donations by Wessex West

Find out more here.

Wessex North (Sheffield) - Scrapdragon and upcycling PPE

Our Wessex Archaeology North office is linked with Scrapdragon, a Scrapstore and Creative Reuse Centre associated with Pitsmoor Adventure Playground. Our donated coats are used to keep staff and volunteers warm and provide dressing up for children.

Archaeologist Jazz Porter also had a go at upcycling some PPE which couldn’t be reused, turning a coat with a broken zip into a tool bag.

    Reuse of PPE

    Jazz also shared some other ideas for reusing and recycling old or broken PPE:

    • "Hi-Vis vests can be upcycled to create tote bags, pet hi-vis, bunting and much more!"
    • "Old boots and wellies can be painted to create unique/ funky planters, brolly holders for the office and bird houses!"
    • "Hi-Vis trousers can be cut up to create pencil cases, bags, aprons – really the possibilities are endless!"

    Read the full story here.

    Find out more about Sharewear on their website here.