On 16th January 2020, the Coastal &d Marine team came together from all over the UK to record the final timbers of the IFA-2 shipwreck. This acted both as training in Stephanie Said’s new recording sheets and a refresher to those of us who have become more used to desk work and seeing the finished records. It was also a good chance for those of us from different offices to work together in person.

Dismantling the timbers from the articulated piece of wreck proved to be more labour intensive than we initially thought due to high levels of concretion which had to be chiseled away first. Then we could begin inserting wedges to carefully pry the timbers apart and meticulously record how each had connected to the others.

The recording process then began with completing the sheets which detailed everything we could tell from the individual timber and included an annotated sketch showing key features. We then worked together to complete detailed scale drawings and photo records for all the remaining timbers.

Recording the IFA2 shipwreck timbers Recording the IFA2 shipwreck timbers

It really was a great feeling to return the now recorded timbers to the tank at the end of the day and hand over all the information needed to complete the report. When the team got back to Salisbury, we had just about enough time to clean up before sharing a well-earned dinner together.

By Natalia Bain, Marine Archaeologist