The latest download in our new Drawing on Heritage series of colouring sheets, released to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, is this intricate medieval floor tile from Hill Hall, Essex. Watch how the image was created by our talented in-house team below:


This Antwerp polychrome floor tile dates from the late 12th-13th century and is from Hill Hall in Essex.

Wessex Archaeology managed and coordinated the English Heritage funded publication project, "Hill Hall: a singular house devised by a Tudor intellectual", in addition to producing the illustrations and providing the archaeological contributions. Written by Paul Drury and Richard Simpson, this history charts the building’s origins as an 11th-century hunting lodge to its extensive rebuilding in the 16th century, later use as a prison, gutting by fire and restoration. Find out more here.

Create your own version of the tile’s beautiful patterns by downloading the Drawing on Heritage colouring sheet below:

Medieval Floor Tile, Hill Hall Medieval Floor Tile, Hill Hall, recreated as a colouring sheet by our talented in-house creatives