This year, we’re encouraging everyone to bring the past to life and give the GIFt of heritage! Using our free digital resources on Flickr, we’re challenging you to use any images or videos you like to create an interesting, creative, entertaining, or just downright mad GIF to share on social media. Find our GIPHY account here for inspiration! 

To kick things off this week, we’re starting with the basics, and we’ve put together a handy guide to get started with making a GIF using one of our free photos on Flickr. This method offers a simple way of boosting images with animated effects and stickers – and to do this we’ve used GIPHY. GIPHY is a free platform that allows you to create, upload and share GIFs.

  1. Have a browse through our huge collection of images and videos on Flickr, select one you like, check the copyright licensing, and download it to your computer.  

  1. Go to GIPHY’s GIF maker and upload the image of your choice 

  1. Get creative! Choose from a huge range of stickers, captions, filters and even draw on your GIF:

GIF making process GIF making process
  1. Select ‘Continue to Upload’  

  1. Copy and paste the source URL of the image from Flickr 

  2. Add relevant tags to make your GIF more searchable 

GIF making process GIF making process

7. Upload your GIF by pressing 'Upload to GIPHY' 

8. Finally, share your creation with us on social media using the tag @wessexarch and provide a link to the original material used. 

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Happy GIFt giving!