So, you’ve got to grips with a simple GIF using GIPHY, now let’s get a bit more technical! This week, we’re showing you how to create a more bespoke GIF, using an image from our FREE digital library on Flickr.  

To do this, we’ll be using another free online platform, called PIXLR. Let’s dive straight in... 

1. Have a browse through our huge collection of images and videos on Flickr, select one you like, check the copyright licensing, and download it to your computer. 

2. Go to PIXLR and choose to launch PIXLR X – a simpler version of the program 

3. Upload your chosen image 

picture 1 step
pic 2

There are so many options for what to do with your image on this platform, but we’ve chosen to build a Christmas tree out of this beautiful flint! The idea is that it works like an old-fashioned film strip, with a series of images that flick or alternate quickly to make an animation. 

4. Create a new ‘layer’ on your image – this works as an invisible overlay to your original image, that you can edit separately. Depending on how many individual elements you want to alter or create in your GIF, you will need to create multiple layers.  

picture 3 step

We are wanting to use the image several times to create our Christmas tree, so we have selected ‘Image’ and uploaded another version of the same image.  

5. Select the layer you want to edit first, and start editing! We’re first cutting out the flint from the background. To do this, select one of the ‘Cutout’ tools and select ‘Keep’ for the area that you are cutting.  

picture 4 step

6. Now, we’ll make it easy for ourselves and simply duplicate this second layer, then rearrange to make our tree... 

pic 5 step
pic 6

7. We also want to add a shiny star to the top of our tree, so we’re adding another layer to add this image in 

pic 7 step

8. We’re also going to change the colour of the flint to make it a bit more Christmassy! Go to adjust and select the colour you wish to change it to. If you want to change the whole image, make sure that you apply this to each of your layers.  

pic 8 step

9. To create the GIF, we’re going to save several versions of the image to our computer.   

10. Go to Ezgif Maker and upload your images. You can move them around to put in the sequence that you want them to play in, and you can adjust the timings of each.  

pic 9 step

11. When you’re ready, select ‘Make GIF’ 

12. Adjust as you want if it’s not quite right, then when you’re happy, save your GIF and share on social media, tagging in @wessexarch

NB. There are lots of tools to play with on PIXLR, so have a go with text, graphics and changing other colours too!