Today, World Oceans Day supporters are focused on ocean conservation and sustainability. Offshore wind developers aim to create sustainable renewable energy through the many wind farms currently in operation or under development. Our main aim is to protect the rich underwater heritage on the seabed, and a large part of the work we do involves working collaboratively with clients to help guide them through the archaeological and cultural heritage aspects of their projects.

We have supported clients during all stages of these large schemes for nearly 20 years, including initial scoping to post-consent support during construction, operation, and maintenance; which includes support from our technical teams in the collection and or archaeological review of marine geophysical and geotechnical survey datasets. In many cases in order to mitigate adverse direct impacts on archaeological discoveries, our sub-sea team can deploy divers and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to help a developer minimise the detrimental impact on the archaeology encountered on or in the seabed.

The lifespan for offshore renewables projects may last 10 years or more and we are proud of the long-standing relationships we have with many of our clients, developed over many years supporting sustainable projects in the British Isles, Europe, and beyond.

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