Excavations undertaken by Wessex Archaeology on the Isle of Thanet are due to be featured in a new documentary series this Saturday.

The programme, “Bone Detectives: Britain’s Buried Secrets”, is a new 8-part series presented by palaeontologist Tori Herridge, mortuary technician Carla Valentine and archaeologist Raksha Dave. The series kicks off on Saturday evening with the fascinating case study of a Wessex Archaeology site on the Isle of Thanet which revealed a startling arrangement of human and animal remains.

Burials in situ at the Isle of Thanet site Burials in situ at the Isle of Thanet site

The site includes evidence for a range of mortuary rites, including exposure, excarnation and curation. A Late Bronze Age burial pit containing the articulated skeletal remains of five individuals provides the key focus for the episode.

One of these individuals, an elderly woman, had head wounds indicating a deliberate killing. This evidence, supported by her unusual burial posture, suggests that she may have been sacrificed.

To learn more about this unusual case, and hear the expert view from our principal osteoarchaeologist Jacqueline McKinley, watch “Bone Detectives: Britain’s Buried Secrets”, on Channel 4 this Saturday (11th January 2020) at 8pm: