Happy Yorkshire Day (1st August)! To celebrate, we've compiled some highlights of the  amazing work we've undertaken in the Yorkshire area.

Hollis Croft Webinar 

In 2017 the team from the Wessex Archaeology Sheffield office investigated a site, Hollis Croft, in advance of its development. The excavation revealed well-preserved industrial archaeology along with the remains of the workers’ housing and two local pubs. This Wednesday Webinar tells the story about the results of the excavation.


Hollis Croft - 3D model

Hollis Croft was agricultural land for centuries, first open land – the ‘Town Field’– and then enclosed. However, its character became radically different when it was swept along by the changes of the Industrial Revolution. Historic maps from the late 18th century onwards show steelworks, various toolmakers’ premises, workers’ housing and pubs appearing and proliferating on the site.

Open area excavation revealed well-preserved industrial archaeology comprising steelmaking furnaces and a network of brick-built flues, along with traces of the workers’ housing and their local pubs (The Cock, and The Orange Branch). A wide range of finds were collected, indicative of both the technical details of the industrial processes taking place, but also the everyday lives of Sheffielders who lived and worked at Hollis Croft in the past.

Discover the site with our 3D model below: 

Sheffield Castle Webinar

In 2018 Sheffield City Council commissioned Wessex Archaeology to conduct an archaeological evaluation on the site of Sheffield Castle. This Wednesday Webinar presents the results of the three-month evaluation which unearthed traces of a motte and recorded the remains of the 18th century bowling green, slaughterhouses and steelworks and will talk about the public engagement in the project.


YouTube playlist

Here’s a brand new YouTube playlist of other highlights from our work in Yorkshire and by our fantastic Sheffield office team! From sneak peeks on site to expert webinars, there’s something for all to enjoy.

Drawing on Heritage mindfulness colouring sheet: former Titanic Works mosaic

This new Drawing on Heritage mindfulness colouring sheet is based on a mosaic found at the former Titanic Works in Sheffield. The Works formed part of a project at Hoyle Street undertaken by Wessex Archaeology. This programme of archaeological works revealed significant evidence for the crucible steelmaking which gave the town its world-wide reputation for cutlery and tools in the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Download your free copy below: 

Drawing on Heritage mindfulness colouring sheet Drawing on Heritage mindfulness colouring sheet