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As part of archaeological work preceding the building of a new school in Somerton, Somerset, Wessex Archaeology facilitated a series of engaging school visits to the site on behalf of BAM Construction Ltd.

During these site visits, Wessex Archaeology’s Community and Education team enabled pupils to understand the importance of their new school site – and showed them first-hand evidence of the Romanisation of Britain. 

All of the pupils involved were taken on a tour of the site where their new school will be built.

School pupils on a tour of the site at Somerton

They also participated in a range of hands-on activities in small groups to support the interpretation of the Romano-British site.

Activities included handling artefacts from the site and using both Prehistoric and Roman Querns (used for grinding wheat into flour) to understand the grain dryer excavated on site.

Discovering artefacts from the site at Somerton Discovering artefacts from the site at Somerton

Pupils also participated in an environmental archaeology activity where they learned how archaeologists interpret the environmental evidence recovered from site and the processes involved.

Pupils learning how archaeologists interpret environmental evidence from archaeological sites

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